Your data is guaranteed to live on Canadian soil in our PIPEDA compliant cloud, putting your concerns about Data Localization and Data Residency to rest.

Fast Spin Up Time

With our pre-cached images, we reduce delivery time from weeks to seconds. Sorry if you don’t have time to get a cup of coffee…

Secure & Encrypted

All of your private network traffic is encrypted and encapsulated by default, it's virtually a private cloud.


Your servers run on the fastest hardware. Pound for pound, even your smallest instances will outperform competitors. Check our Benchmarks page for the details.

We radically simplify and automate deploying cloud servers

Put Simply: We have the fastest high performance Canadian SSD cloud server solution. Enabling software development teams to reduce project labour costs by on average 20% and infrastructure costs by half.

In Business Terms: Dramatically increase your team's productivity, and reduce everyone's stress. We take care of redundancy, uptime and midnight trips to the datacenter, making managing your infrastructure worry-free while giving you full control and visibility over your costs with by-the-hour billing and running cost totals so you're never surprised by a bill.

In Technical Terms: We don’t just do server virtualization, we provide entire rack virtualization. You can virtually manage routers, networks, VLANs, VPNs, firewalls, servers, and software delivery automation as a complete solution, from a consolidated dashboard.


  • Mike Branch
    The speed of Cloud-A’s infrastructure, the quality of the servers, their pricing structure, and their customer service have all been top notch. We have been deployed in their environment since the beginning of 2015 and have actually experienced better performance than on AWS and I can now assure my clients that we have a solution that resides entirely within Canada. I would recommend Cloud-A any day.
    Mike Branch / CEO, Maps BI
  • Kevin Kline
    As a new business, ExactDeposit needs assurance that our web portal will be available when accessed by prospective clients and returning customers. Having our portal hosted with Cloud-A has given us that confidence.
    Kevin Kline / Director, ExactDeposit Inc.
  • Robin Rondeau
    Cloud-A has allowed us to easily replace outdated servers with VMs that perform great, while allowing us to keep it all on Canadian soil. Now our dev team has more time to focus on dev, and fewer infrastructure concerns. All that for a cost that no other IaaS provider that I've found can compete with!
    Robin Rondeau / Lead Software Developer, Clarity
  • Jeff Seward
    Cloud-A has dramatically improved our team’s ability to perform by automating and streamlining our existing deployment process. They make our work easier and more profitable.
    Jeff Seward / President, MGI Maintenance Group Inc.
  • Marnie Larson
    As a provider of a cloud HR/Payroll solution, we researched hosted server providers very carefully as we need quick response times to any issues that may arise. CloudA impressed us with their responsiveness and support delivery. We are confident that CloudA will work with us to make sure our clients receive the highest quality support available.
    Marnie Larson / CEO, StarGarden

Trusted by hundreds of teams

CMHC (Government of Canada)
The David Suzuki Foundation
MGI Maintenance Group Inc.
Atlantic Lottery Corp.
Seaboard Transport
Uber Research
Nova Scotia Power
Ryerson University
University of Saskachewan
Portlands Energy Center

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