DevOps Tools for the Canadian Cloud

At the forefront of modern application architecture is a concept known as DevOps, or the marrying of development and operations into one harmonious, collaborative and cooperative effort, all with the goal of rapidly producing software and improving operations performance. As a result of the trend toward DevOps within organizations, a market of DevOps tools have […]

A Weekend in Waterloo

A couple of weekends ago Cloud-A headed to Waterloo, Canada’s tech mecca, to sponsor and judge the city’s first ever open data hackathon: the Waterloo Codefest. Waterloo is a city where we have several users and hanging out in Waterloo for the weekend gave us the opportunity to meet with some of these existing users, […]

Announcing Cloud-A Managed Security Services

A few months back we released our Web Application Security Survey and were amazed at the amount of participation we had – it was the single greatest amount of feedback we have ever received at one time, which helped us realize that security is a very important topic for our users that has been unaddressed. […]

Deliver Cloud Based Services with Cloud-A

The market is certainly in the midst of the as-a-service trend, and it makes sense. Businesses are able to procure the end-to-end technology solutions that they once purchased as a capital expenditure, as a converged solution that integrates infrastructure, software and managed services into a fee-per-month model. While the darlings of Silicon Valley have been […]

Cloud-A Sponsors Waterloo Codefest

We are very happy to announce our sponsorship of Waterloo Codefest, an “Open-Data” Hackathon hosted by the City of Waterloo to continue the city’s commitment to providing open and transparent data. Cloud-A is pleased to be providing a free year of cloud infrastructure to the winner of the Hackathon to support the commercialization of the winning […]

Test/Dev in the Cloud

We often get questions from prospective customers who aren’t familiar with the public cloud model on whether Cloud-A is better suited for test/dev environments or production environments. The answer is both. Cloud-A is built on the same enterprise class server and storage hardware that many enterprise organizations run internally, thus making it more than suitable […]

Cloud Office Hours

Cloud Office Hours is an opportunity for existing and prospective Cloud-A users to interface directly with Cloud-A’s technical team and discuss DevOps, cloud architecture and modern web application design. Cloud Office Hours takes place on Cloud-A’s IRC channel (#clouda) on Wednesday afternoons at 2:00pm EST.