Dynamic, API driven, Cloud Infrastructure for Modern App Development

Simple, Full Featured, DevOps ready Cloud IaaS for Developers

Simple Ops

Build out scalable deployments without the need of a dedicated ops team from our web-based dashboard

Powerful APIs

There's an API for everything. Our Cloud infrastructure is automation ready.


Configure our infrastructure to scale with the demands of your app, and let us worry about capacity planning!


We aren't just peddling easy-to-use VMs, we provide FULL STACK cloud infrastructure including Virtual Private Cloud, SSD storage and S3-like, API driven, Bulk Storage.


Spin up and tear down test and dev environments and release into production on the platform. Build reliable, scalable Continuous Integration systems to release better software faster.


Leverage our APIs and maximize application resiliency by distributing microservices across multiple clouds, either private or public.

  • Jeremy Gale

    Cloud-A and Cloud 66 have allowed us to run host our backend services within Canada without needing to hire any DevOps personnel. It's been great for getting our app up and running quickly to prove out the concept.

    Jeremy Gale/CTO, AppColony

  • Kevin Kline

    As a new business, ExactDeposit needs assurance that our web portal will be available when accessed by prospective clients and returning customers. Having our portal hosted with Cloud-A has given us that confidence.

    Kevin Kline/Director, ExactDeposit

  • Robin Rondeau

    Cloud-A has allowed us to easily replace outdated servers with VMs that perform great, while allowing us to keep it all on Canadian soil. Now our dev team has more time to focus on dev, and fewer infrastructure concerns. All that for a cost that no other IaaS provider that I've found can compete with!

    Robin Rondeau/Lead Developer, Clarity



Not an Ops guy/gal? Our partner Cloud 66 provides DevOps-as-a-Service and everything you need to build, scale and protect your applications on Cloud-A. Cloud 66 analyzes your code and deploys your application into Docker containers on Cloud-A's infrastructure. From there, Cloud 66 can manage backups, scaling your app, load balancing, failover groups and multi or hybrid cloud deployments.

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