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Storage Flexibility

Cloud-A provides two options for cloud storage. Choose our lightnight fast, SSD backed block storage volumes or our triple redundant object storage cluster - Bulk Storage.

3rd Party Compatibility

Levering OpenStack Swift technology, Bulk Storage's API is compatible with leading backup software from Tier 1 vendors like Commvault, Symantec, CTERA, Asrigra and more...

The Price is Right

Backup and archival data takes up expensive data centre floor space and SAN disks. At $0.075 per GB per month, Bulk Storage is the most cost effective, enterprise grade storage cluster in Canada


Cloud-A's cloud based storage offers an ideal solution for off-site data protection, allowing organizations to move backup data off expensive internal storage systems to accessible, highly durable, scalable, and secure storage medium. Whether it is backup and recovery of cloud infrastructure or from your corporate data center, Cloud-A has the cloud storage medium for any backup, disaster recovery or archival solution


Build a cloud-based backup server on Cloud-A, backed with SSD volumes for easy integration with tradition backup and archival software.


Leverage Bulk Storage's powerful API to quickly integrate with a growing list of next-gen software vendors with support for OpenStack Swift


Cloud-A is a CloudBerry Lab Certified Partner. CloudBerry’s offerings include powerful, easy-to-use backup management capabilities and military-grade encryption using customer-controlled keys. Customers can choose to store their backup data through a branded connector to Cloud-A in all of its current products.

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Backup, DR & Archival Content

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3 Application Architectures for Successful Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Over the past few years, we’ve written several blog posts about various disaster recovery methods for your applications running atop of Cloud-A’s infrastructure. If you take a look at these various articles, which highlight software and tools to help you achieve your disaster recovery requirements, you’ll notice that there there is more than one way […]

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Automatic Server Backups to Cloud-A Bulk Storage

If you’re looking for a cost effective, Canadian backup solution for your Windows desktops and servers, look no further! Our Bulk Storage service is an ultra-reliable, low-cost, and 100% Canadian hosted object storage service. When teamed with CloudBerry Labs’ Backup software, it allows administrators to easily backup their systems. CloudBerry offers two types of backup […]

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WordPress Backups for Beginners and Advanced Users

We all know that backing up data is important. Whether it’s a corporate Windows file server, or our treasured family photos, we make sure that we can recover our data in the case of a hardware failure. Oddly enough, most folks tend to skip over their website data when considering their backup strategy. Although WordPress […]

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Cloud Object Storage Survey

Hello Bulk Storage users! Our partner CloudBerry Lab is offering a free license of their CloudBerry Explorer PRO to any Cloud-A Bulk Storage user who fills out the 9 questions in the link below. Please note that this data will be shared with CloudBerry Lab for market research purposes, so take this into consideration prior […]