Almost Unbelievable Performance Results!

Last week we were very excited when we saw this article on Java World came out:

Ultimate cloud speed tests: Amazon vs. Google vs. Windows Azure

It was great to see them going a deeper into the question of how the big cloud providers in the US are performing with standardized Java benchmarking tests. So of course we wanted to know how we stacked up using the exact same process and methods. We ran the same tests on Cloud A’s new 4GB, and 8GB High Compute instances and and here’s what we found:


Here’s the raw data from the benchmarks that were used to build the graphs, you can see the exact scores for each test on each provider & see that we’re using the exact same calculations to determine our cost numbers.

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 12.55.42 PM


From the same dataset, we also graphed the total cost per run of the test. Not only does the test complete in less time on our instances, each compute instance costs less to run. The end result is a staggering depiction of cost savings.


So, to be blunt, we even shocked ourselves! Our biggest fear at this point is that the world won’t believe us. If that’s the case let us know! We’ll give you free account to run the tests for yourself or introduce you to some of our early adopters who didn’t believe it before they tried it out for themselves either.