Cloud-a Partners with Cloudberry Labs

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Halifax, NS – Jan 29, 2014 – Cloud-A Computing Inc., a leading Canadian OpenStack Public Cloud provider, announced today a new partnership with CloudBerry lab, a leading builder of cloud storage management and backup software products.

The partnership is part of an Cloud-A’s increasing effort to introduce approved, OpenStack friendly, third party applications to their partners and customer base that add value, additional functionality and increased flexibility.

Cloud-A and CloudBerry Lab worked together to rigorously test a number of CloudBerry lab products for seamless integration with Cloud-A’s Bulk Storage powered by OpenStack Swift. The partnership allows Cloud-A customers to implement true Hybrid Cloud solutions, syncing, managing and backing up their on premise data to the public cloud.

“Our clients are always looking for new ways to leverage Cloud-A’s infrastructure-as-a-service and so it is important for us to create these relationships with well established third-party companies like CloudBerry Lab who leverage OpenStack technology to meet this demand and add more value to our customers.”

Geoff Sullivan, Channel Manager at Cloud-A

“Cloud-A is all about accessibility, scalability and value, while offering unmatched performance and security. We are pleased to support Cloud-A in CloudBerry solutions in order to offer Canadian resident Cloud file management solutions and help even more customers adopt this leading cloud platform.”

Aleksey Serkov, CTO at CloudBerry Lab

About Cloud-A

Cloud-A is the leading provider of public cloud Infrastructure based in Canada. Their products automate & simplify the installation and management of the hardware and software that provides the infrastructure for large scale environments having hundreds or thousands of servers supporting high performance compute applications. For more information visit

About CloudBerry Lab

CloudBerry Lab was established in 2008 by a group of experienced IT professionals with the mission to help organization in adopting Cloud computing technologies by closing the gap between Cloud vendors propositions and consumer needs through development of innovative low costs solutions. By providing a user interface to Cloud-A’s Bulk Storage accounts, files, and containers, CloudBerry lets you manage your files on cloud just as you would on your own local computer.


Geoff Sullivan, Channel Manager & Public Relations

5562 Sackville Street, Halifax, NS, B3J 1L1

1-855-925-6831 ext. 703

Server Snapshots on Cloud-A are now 74% FASTER!

Last week we launched a revolutionary new product at Cloud-A that we designed to dramatically increase the speed and efficiency of instance snapshots on Openstack cloud platforms. We built this product based on feedback we have received over the past year from our users and partners who demanded more efficient snapshotting.

There are a couple of inherent challenges with the default OpenStack’s snapshot capability out of the box including:

1. Snapshotting a VM requires the VM to be paused temporarily. Depending on how large a VM is, the pause could be anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes – which is unacceptable for a mission critical server.

2. OpenStack’s standard configuration is that the compute node hosting the VM being snapshotted also performs the snapshot operation. This can create what is called the “noisy neighbour effect,” where the process of snapshotting a VM can have a negative performance impact on another tenant’s VM.

With this new technology we’ve developed, the compute resources are isolated and allocated to tenant VMs from the compute resources that serve VM snapshots, increasing the speed of snapshots and decreasing the pause time of a VM by an average of 74%, as well as preventing the noisy neighbour effect.

This new product is now live on Cloud-A and available at no additional cost.