3 Ways Modern Cloud Computing Promotes Innovation

With fear that Canada was lagging in the adoption of leading edge technology and missing out on major economic benefit as a result, Cloud-A was launched with the goal of promoting the use of modern cloud technology within Canada and accelerating innovation in both private and public sectors.

The true opportunity with modern Cloud infrastructure like Cloud-A is not necessarily with the migration of existing applications and platforms, but the developer greenfield that it provides.

Here are 3 ways that Cloud-A and modern Cloud Computing can help organizations Innovate.

Faster Time to Market

Cloud-A’s modern cloud infrastructure allows for rapid and scalable product design, prototyping, validation and demonstration. Cloud-A allows developers to spin up infrastructure and move from coding to prototyping to production in a shorter amount of time than with legacy systems. The self service model reduces systems administration overhead, allowing your team to focus on other higher value tasks.

Reduced Costs

Cloud-A’s pay-as-you-go model allows innovative organization to consume compute, storage and networking resources and pay for they use, meaning that concepts and ideas can be tested without the need of procuring expensive hardware for short term use.

Elasticity and Growth

Not only does Cloud-A provide a platform to incubate innovation within organizations, it also provides the elasticity and scale required to take these innovations to market and capitalize on them.

More Information

For more information on adopting modern cloud technology in your organization check out our free whitepaper titled: Public Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise.

enterrise wp logoThis whitepaper outlines

    • Best practices for faster time to value
    • Keys to developer adoption
    • Application considerations
    • Handling internal politics
    • Budgetary considerations
    • Achieving executive buy-in

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