Announcing Cloud-A Managed Security Services

Managed-Security-Services1-396x196A few months back we released our Web Application Security Survey and were amazed at the amount of participation we had – it was the single greatest amount of feedback we have ever received at one time, which helped us realize that security is a very important topic for our users that has been unaddressed. From this data we were able to determine two main things. Either developers:

A) Don’t have confidence in their own security measures and procedures

B) Don’t have the time to spend implementing security best practises

While we were not entirely surprised with the results of the survey, it helped us realize that there was a gap in our user’s understanding of the Cloud-A security partnership model, and there was a gap in our offering to help our users better secure their environments on Cloud-A.



We put a lot of effort into analyzing the best way to address these gaps. Would we develop our own security practice? Would we look for a partner to help us deliver a solution? We were able to answer these questions very quickly. We knew that we had to partner with someone with the experience and pedigree that would instill confidence in our users and their own customers.

We did not have to look very far for the right partner. Lyrical Security, a Toronto based, world leading source of security services and intelligence, had already been using Cloud-A Infrastructure-as-a-service to host their own suite of security solutions for their clients for more than a year.

Lyrical combines a unique mix of enterprise security chops and a deep understanding of modern cloud native architecture and DevOps methodology, which is a perfect fit for many Cloud-A use cases.

Introducing Cloud-A Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

We have decided that the most logical starting point for a managed security service for our users is a means to understand the weak points that exist in their applications and cloud architecture. Cloud-A VMS proactively supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and mitigation.

We see Cloud-A VMS helping our users with:

Ensuring compliance with policies, auditing guidelines and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, NERC and FISMA.

Improving strategic decision making with real world risk intelligence that incorporates comprehensive data on Malware and Exploit Exposure, CVSS, temporal and weighted risk scores.

Developing best practices for risk mitigation strategies with advanced risk analytics that allow for customized risk scores and dynamic risk trending

Eliminating risk faster through streamlined step-by- step remediation reports and task delegation.

Automating all steps in your vulnerability management lifecycle from discovery to prioritization and issue resolution.

About Lyrical Security

Based in Toronto, Canada, Lyrical Security combines industry expertise with innovative technology to help organizations address their most critical security needs. Lyrical helps organizations attain visibility into security controls, attack surface and posture, using leading edge tools, trusted methods, and proprietary and open-source software. Lyrical helps their clients understand their environment’s footprint, secure them, and keep them secure in an ongoing way.

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