Lower Bulk Storage Pricing!

When it comes to Object Storage we know that consumers are looking to address three main factors.

As a reminder, the following features and benefits are included with all Bulk Storage accounts:

  • Unlimited number of containers and objects
  • Any file type can be uploaded
  • Supports unlimited amount of storage, billed by usage with large discounts by volume
  • Container Specific API Keys
  • DDoS Mitigation & CDN Support (blkstr.ca) with intelligent routing 
  • Availability rate of 99.99+%
  • High file durability
  • OpenStack-compatible API
  • Expert Support team to share knowledge for any integration

Object Storage
Our “Bulk Storage” product, comparable to “S3” but leveraging “Openstack Swift”, is a distributed storage system for static data, such as virtual machine images, image storage, email storage, web assets, backups, and archives. Object Storage is different than traditional storage in that it’s not centralized and provides greater scalability, redundancy, and durability as a result.

What is the typical Use Case for Object Storage?
Object Storage was designed for Ad Hoc use. It’s ideal for scalable storage needs, a common example would be for storing images that are rendered within an application framework. Because the platform is API-driven it’s very easily integrated into your application for data management. Your data is never affected by a server or drive failure because the Bulk Storage platform (that leverages OpenStack Swift) replicates its content from other active nodes to new locations in the clusters no less than 3 times.

Our approach has and will always be to be 100% Canadian. That means all of our infrastructure (for all 3 nodes in Vancouver, Toronto, & Halifax) all our staff, and our entire ownership group is without exception entirely Canadian.