Introducing the Bulk Storage Content Delivery Network

worldYou may or may not have noticed that we have quietly launched brand new functionality to our Bulk Storage product. We are very happy to announce that you can now access your Bulk Storage files faster than ever before with the public BETA launch of our new Bulk Storage Content Delivery Network (CDN.)

Our Cloud CDN technology was built from the ground up to deliver your content most efficiently from anywhere. Bulk Storage content served through the network is propagated intelligently to edge nodes for blazing fast downloads of media, large static files, or dynamic content.

Why Bulk Storage CDN?

Speed and Performance

There are two main reasons why Bulk Storage CDN will increase speed and performance for accessing your Bulk Storage files:

Local Point of Presence

Because the files are closer to the end user, the latency is lower and therefore accessed much quicker.

Bigger Pipes

By leveraging CDN you increase your effective bandwidth capacity by over 1000% over direct access to the Bulk Storage cluster.

Simple Integration for Developers

Developers can directly integrate or use existing plugins for frameworks like WordPress, Drupal, Django, and Ruby on Rails (to name a few) to handle remote object / file storage. The process is as simple as copying and pasting your CDN url.

How does it work?

When CDN is enabled on a Bulk Storage container, data is cached at multiple edge nodes that we have deployed all over the world, and traffic is automatically directed to the closest one. This brings your data closer and reduces network latency, thus making your content available faster!

CDN is billed with metered bandwidth, per byte passed through the Content Delivery Network that belongs to you and is available at an introductory price of $0.05 CAD per GB per month with no usage commitments.

Enabling CDN on your Bulk Storage container is as easy as selecting “CDN Enabled” in your Bulk Storage container settings. As soon as CDN has been enabled on your container, you can then start accessing your data through, our CDN specific domain name to integrate with existing plugins or your application.

cdnUse Cases

We see a ton of use cases for this product including:

  • website / application static files (css, js, images, videos)
  • media / advertisement distribution
  • video streaming
  • software / update distribution
  • podcast downloads

We love to hear about innovative ways our users consume our products. Already using our CDN in a creative way? Let us know!

Moving Forward

We will be deploying more edge nodes in the coming months to increase performance for users all over the world. We challenge our users to learn how they can leverage our new CDN to enhance the level of service to their customers.

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