Why are we different?

Here at Cloud A we get this question a lot lately. Understandably many people struggle to believe that a little company way out on the far eastern shore of Canada has done what we have claimed:

We’ve invented the next generation cloud automation technology that truly scales!

(think Heroku but with better security, faster performance, and all at a lower cost).

We will totally revolutionize how IT firms deliver and manage infrastructure for their clients, here are the main benefits:

  • On demand delivery = Spin up and down any size of VM whenever you need it.
  • Billing by the minute = Our clients only pay for what they need when they use it.
  • Automatic scaling = For applications that have large spikes at peak demand time regular VM’s just don’t cut it, you need a truly scalable cloud solution like ours (via API’s).
  • Price = All we can say is you won’t believe it (seriously). we are using the experience we have from the many years that the team has been in the hosted infrastructure, Big Data, and advanced software engineering ¬†business and applying it in ways that no one else has done before.

We know that the traditional players in the space are going to tell you that it’s just simply not possible to do, and for them that is true as we have an unfair advantage that is unique.¬† But don’t believe everything you read on the internet, let us prove it to you.