How the Cloud Native Computing Foundation is a Game Changer for Cloud Computing

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Yesterday, the Linux Foundation announced the newly formed Cloud Native Computing Foundation – a Linux foundation collaborative project backed by industry giants like AT&T, Box, Cisco, Docker and many more. In addition to this announcement, Google has also announced that it has donated it’s Kubernetes container technology to the foundation, just days after announcing its support for the OpenStack foundation for the sake of advancing container technology. As advocates and users of container based technology and cloud native applications, we at Cloud-A are really excited about this string of announcements and the affect it will have on the adoption of modern, container based, cloud aware technology.

The new foundation’s website describes its mission “to create and drive the adoption of a new computing paradigm that is optimized for modern distributed systems environments.” Linux Foundation Executive Director, Jim Zemlin said Tuesday “the Cloud Native Computing Foundation will help facilitate collaboration among developers and operators on common technologies for deploying cloud native applications and services.” Zemlin went on to say “By bringing together the open source community’s very best talent and code in a neutral and collaborative forum, the Cloud Native Computing Foundation aims to advance the state of the art of application development at Internet scale.”

Many of the founding organizations of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation are also users, contributors, and supporters of the OpenStack foundation, including Cloud Foundry Foundation, eBay, Google, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Red Hat and VMware. It is both our hope and speculation that the two foundations will work harmoniously to promote of the adoption of both open cloud technology as well as modern application architecture.

So how does this affect Cloud-A users? The hope is that this new foundation will further support some of the messaging and efforts Cloud-A has made within Canada, as well as within our user base to promote the use of modern application architecture, microservices and container technology, all of which lend themselves to successful cloud application deployments.

If you want to learn more about about how you can adopt cloud native computing methodologies in your own organization check out the Cloud Native Computing Foundation website here.

You can also check out our whitepaper titled: Public Cloud Adoption in the Enterprise.

enterrise wp logoThis whitepaper outlines

    • Best practices for faster time to value
    • Keys to developer adoption
    • Application considerations
    • Handling internal politics
    • Budgetary considerations
    • Achieving executive buy-in

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