Our eBook Review of “Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures”

We like to think of ourselves as thought leaders in the cloud space, but sometimes some people have already said it best. This is certainly the case with the eBook “Migrating to Cloud Native Application Architectures” written by Matt Stine of Pivotal.

The 51 page eBook, introduces and outlines the concept of modern application architecture that is “cloud aware,” and enables organizations to ship better, faster and more robust software.

The book is organized into three parts, The Rise of Cloud-Native, Changes Needed and the Migration Cookbook. The first section of the book explains the “why” of migrating to cloud-native architectures, as well as the unique characteristics of cloud-native application architectures. The section introduces new concepts and buzzwords like the Twelve-Factor App and Microservices utilizing Containerization, which we have covered in in detail on our own blog.

The “Changes Needed” section of the book discussed the required cultural, organizational and technical changes required to adopt this new methodology of application architecture. The section introduces the importance of moving from siloed IT resources to a DevOps methodology to enhance communication and collaboration through software development, quality assurance, database administration, system administration, IT operations, release management and project management. Stine also explains the importance of embracing a Continuous Delivery model to ship better software more efficiently.

The last section of the book dubbed the “Cookbook” highlights detailed technical considerations for building and re-architecting applications for the cloud. The section outlines new features that can be achieved with containerization technologies like our partner, Docker, and provides “recipes” for application decomposition and distributed systems.

We are huge fans of this book at Cloud-A and recommend it to any of our users. If you have haven’t noticed, we have borrowed thoughts and concepts from this book, put them in terms of Cloud-A users and used them in our own content.

Most importantly we echo many of the lessons that this book teaches, as it ultimately provides best practices for our users for successful, highly performing cloud deployments.

You can download this eBook as a PDF, or for Kindle  and E-reader here.

About the Author

Matt Stine, a technical product manager at Pivotal, is a 15-year enterprise IT veteran with experience across numerous business domains. With emphasis on lean/agile methodologies, DevOps, architectural patterns, and programming paradigms, Matt is investigating a combination of techniques to help corporate IT departments function like startups.

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