Press Release: Cloud-A Launches new High Performance Direct Fibre Network

Cloud-A Launches New High Performance Direct Fibre Network

Halifax, NS – Dec 19, 2014 – Cloud-A Computing Inc., a Canadian OpenStack Public Cloud provider, announced today, the launch of their new dedicated fibre network between their primary data centre facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Toronto Internet Exchange in Toronto, Ontario.

The new network, which is the highest performing and most comprehensive direct fibre network offered by any Canadian Public Cloud provider, will not only provide Cloud-A customers with a single hop between their Halifax and Toronto data centre facilities, but also a direct connection to London, the Caribbean, and New York, leveraging Hibernia’s high capacity, low latency trans-atlantic fiber network.

Early indications of performance gains are that latency has been reduced by an average of 35% across the board.

“We know that network performance and reliability are extremely important to our clients. Investing in higher quality peering is a top priority for us, and this Hibernia link will open doors for us to continue extending the reach of our network both within and outside of our borders.” says Jacob Godin, Chief Technology Officer at Cloud-A “We are extremely excited to allow our clients to reach their users more efficiently. We believe it will enable them to better compete with providers in the US and beyond. It’s the kind of network that Canada’s cloud industry really needs.”

In addition to enhanced network performance, the new network allows for enhanced protection against distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks, which Cloud-A has been victim of in the past. The one-hop to Toronto means that Cloud-A now peers with some of the worlds leading internet service providers, which expands Cloud-A’s DDoS mitigation strategy.

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