Simplify the Cloud with Cloud-A & Cloud 66 Webinar Video

Simplify the Cloud Webinar Deck

Recently we put on a webinar with our partner Cloud 66 titled: Simplify the Cloud with Cloud-A and Cloud 66. In the webinar we discussed the┬ástruggles we are seeing in the industry with the lack of operations support for developers, and the requirements of developers to bring cutting edge software to market quickly. We discussed how Cloud-A’s partnership with Cloud 66 allows Cloud-A users to automate the deployment and management of their applications on Cloud-A’s cloud infrastructure. Khash Sajadi, co-founder and CEO of Cloud 66 discussed the what, the why and the how of containers, and why they are valuable to both ops and dev teams. Khash also performed a live demo of Cloud 66’s functionality.

Check out the webinar video below.

Simplify the Cloud with Cloud-A & Cloud 66 Webinar from Cloud-A on Vimeo.