The Great Canadian Cloud Migration


USD = .30 CAD = 30% more Cloud-A Infrastructure

Several months ago we announced $50 in free Cloud-A account credit for anyone migrating to Cloud-A from an American cloud provider. The promotion was a HUGE SUCCESS and we are bringing it back!

Today $1 USD = $1.30 CAD, which means that by choosing Cloud-A as your cloud infrastructure provider, you are receiving a 30% discount when compared to American providers, not including the free bandwidth, virtual private cloud and Windows licensing you get with Cloud-A

We have had more users convert over from American cloud providers this month than we could have ever imagined, and these users are enjoying over 50% cost savings on average as a result (not including the free credit.)

TIP: When shopping around, keep an eye out for Canadian “cloud” providers who charge for their IaaS in USD. They exist.