Cloud-a Seeded graduate enables Researcher, Student, and Industry collaboration

QReserve, an Ontario based startup that provides an online database of research equipment, services and facilities to help researchers, students and industry connect and collaborate has recently graduated from Cloud-A’s Seeded program for startups. QReserve applied and was accepted into the Seeded program and as a result, received six months of free, unlimited infrastructure-as-a-service to help grow their business.

QReserve helps researchers, students and industry connect and collaborate by offering an online database of research equipment, services and facilities. Research labs can list their equipment and services in QReserve for free and the database is free to search by anybody, anywhere. To help universities and colleges participate as a whole, QReserve provides a student liaison service that hires, trains and manages local students who work with an institution’s researchers to help them get their lab onto QReserve. University administrators can then embed QReserve’s platform into their own website to make it easy for internal users to collaborate and for external industry and researchers to connect. QReserve has on-boarded several institutional customers such as McMaster University, Brock University and UBC Okanagan.

QReserve architected their application on Cloud-A where it still runs today. The Canadian resident, on-demand, API driven infrastructure-as-a-service that Cloud-A provides gives QReserve the agility to scale their infrastructure as they grow, and pay for it when they need it.

Having QReserve hosted in Canada is important to Canadian universities and colleges who trust us with their information. While looking for a Canadian cloud hosting company, Cloud-A appealed to us not only for their seeded program that helped considerably with cash flow early on but also for their personable and very fast support team. When an issue or question arose, I knew I had access to a real person who understood and cared about my business.

Brandon Aubie, CEO / Co-Founder, QReserve

For more information about Qreserve, please visit their website at or contact Brandon Aubie at

QReserve in the news:

Feature in the Hamilton Spector (March 11, 2015)

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CANARIE’s DAIR program leverages Canada’s investment in the CANARIE national backbone research and education network to accelerate product development and improve the market competitiveness of small and medium-sized Canadian companies.

DAIR provides Canadian entrepreneurs and small businesses with free cloud-based compute and storage resources that help speed time to market by enabling rapid and scalable product design, prototyping, validation and demonstration.

Many organizations graduating from the DAIR program require a public cloud platform to migrate to that will facilitate the growth of the organization. Cloud-A is proud to be the public cloud of choice of several DAIR graduates.

Check out our case study and story of ExactDeposit’s successful migration to Cloud-A from CANARIE DAIR’s OpenStack cloud.