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Cloud-A launches Data Centre Recycling Program

Halifax, NS – Dec 4, 2014 – Cloud-A Computing Inc., a Canadian OpenStack Public Cloud provider, announced today a new program dubbed the “Data Centre Recycling Program” focused on offsetting the capital expenditures invested in traditional infrastructure, allowing Enterprises to move from on-premise infrastructure to the cloud. Not only can customers leave their traditional, labour intensive infrastructure tasks behind, and run on a bullet-proof, secure, and modern cloud — but they can now be paid to do it.

The program compensates customers for any existing server hardware that becomes decommissioned as a result of moving traditional hardware or virtualization platforms to Cloud-A’s true, whitelabelled public cloud. Customers fill out information about their decommissioned hardware through Cloud-A’s website, they are provided with a quote for the value of the hardware within 72 hours, and if the quote is accepted, the value of the hardware is instantly credited to their Cloud-A account which can equate to months of zero-cost cloud computing. The server hardware is refurbished and reused through a network of recycling partners.

“The Data Centre Recycling program helps prove organization’s business cases for moving to the cloud.” Says Brandon Kolybaba, CEO, Cloud-A. “The benefits of this program are threefold. Customers are financially incentivized to move to our modern cloud platform, the retired server hardware becomes refurbished and reused, and Cloud-A continues to grow its customer base.” says Kolybaba.

The program is a result of market research performed by Cloud-A which determined that some of the hesitation organizations have about migrating to the cloud is related to the existing level of investment in on premise infrastructure. There are also green motives for this program.

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