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New Flavours!

We’re very excited to announce our new instance flavours. We know as well as anyone that a general purpose compute node is great, but once you start getting into larger instance sizes you have a better idea of the performance characteristics and demands of your server. After hitting the drawing board and crunching some numbers, we’ve put together two new flavour types: High Memory, and High Compute. These flavours are available on instance sizes greater than 4GB and you can start using them today from the instance launch screen.

Cost and Value Modelling

We spent a lot of time putting these new flavours together, to offer the best value for everyone no matter your needs. We will be updating our pricing page shortly to include the new flavour types. Once of the biggest challenges to introducing these new options was ensuring that we can present it in an un-intimidating and easy to understand manner. In the spirit of transparency and making sure you get the best value for your computing needs we took the time to model out the value proposition for three different types of demand: General Purpose Computing, High Memory, and High Compute. Graphing the relationship between the cost, and perceived value for each type of customer shows how these new flavour types are extremely valuable.

General Purpose

The General Purpose (GP) flavour type is for a user who requires a balanced, and powerful server. A user who values CPU, Memory, and Disk space equally. The High Memory and High Compute flavour types are less attractive in the general purpose case because they don’t provide equal increases across the board. You can see that the GP flavours really stand out.

General Purpose Value

High Memory

The High Memory (HM) flavour type is for a user who has more demand for memory than disk or CPU. Compared to the General Purpose version of the same flavour, HM instances have 60GB of disk space, and double the amount of memory. For memory heavy applications, the GP flavour type doesn’t make as much sense for you because you’re provisioned more CPU and Disk than you require and your values are not the same as a General Purpose user. Let’s view the same graph as a user who values memory over all else, and you can quickly see how the High Memory flavour is attractive for this user.

High Memory

High Compute

The High Compute (HC) flavour type is meant for users with heavy CPU requirements over memory and disk. Compared to the General Purpose version of the same flavour, HC instances have 60GB of disk space and twice the amount of CPU cores available. Let’s now view the same graph weighted for a user who values CPU over all else. Again, you can see how the High Compute flavour is very attractive over the General Purpose of the next size up.

High Compute


New Flavours Modal

These new flavour types will allow unparalleled cost savings and customization. Allowing you to build exactly the cloud that you need, without wasting money on resources you don’t need, all metered by the minute and running on our blazing fast hardware. If you already are using a General Purpose flavour and you would like to switch to a High Memory or High Compute flavour: simply save a snapshot of your current instance, and create a new instance using the new flavour restoring from that snapshot (assuming that it fits on disk).

We would love to hear your feedback on how you’re making use of the new flavour types to build your infrastructure, and you can get started immediately in your Dashboard. You will see the new flavours split up by type, with the full detailed breakdown in the sidebar.

Cloud A Launches Public Beta

Cloud A Launches Public Beta Offering

Offering a commercial OpenStack® powered elastic compute options for the first time in Canada.

For immediate release

Halifax, Nova Scotia, May 8th, 2013  – Cloud A ( announced today that it will be offering its OpenStack® based elastic compute platform to the public in beta. “We identified the need for a true elastic compute platform in Canada early last year and have been working with OpenStack® to provide a solution to clients with data residency requirements in Canada,” said Brandon Kolybaba, Cloud A Co-Founder.

The company successfully completed Alpha trials in 2012 and subsequently a private beta testing period within a production environment located in Halifax over the past several months. Some publicly funded groups and government organizations require that their data to be stored in Canada, to comply with privacy laws. Other organizations simply want a Canadian solution to their on demand elastic compute and storage needs. To learn more about Cloud A’s roadmap to roll out its OpenStack® based solution in Canada please visit:

About Cloud A

Cloud A is a Canadian based cloud infrastructure solution where all data is stored in Canada and leverages OpenStack® at its core. This enables businesses and IT service providers to offer truly Canadian based cloud data solutions to their clients. The cloud infrastructure is provided as a service with elastic provisioning, provided as a utility and is scalable on demand.