Easy-to-Use, Full Featured IaaS

Cloud-A provides API driven, self-service, on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-service. Our team makes it easy for organizations to build and manage scale out web applications, migrate existing applications, build Big Data solutions and much, much more. We take pride in offering simplified pricing for our Compute, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Block Storage (Volumes), and Bulk Storage (Object Storage) with a utility billing model with no hidden costs.


Built with redundancy and automatic healing, any server, network or object can be migrated away from unhealthy physical servers to happy ones. This allows for nearly 100% availability with continuous upgrades and service work behind the scenes.

Instant, On-demand, Pay as you go

No contracts, no minimums, no base account fees. Use all, some, or just one service! Our infrastructure-as-a-service is at your finger tips, available 24/7 through the dashboard and APIs.


Cloud-A's foundation is built on open source technology with industry compatible APIs. Making it ideal for Hybrid Cloud and Multi Cloud environments with no lock-in!

Cloud Servers


Enterprise Grade

Leveraging the latest in server technology from Tier 1 vendors, our cloud services provide the horsepower required for the most resource intensive jobs

OS Flexibility

Choose from one of our 15+ Linux and Windows images, or bring your own!

Elastic & Scalable

Access your cloud servers on demand, 24x7 and pay for them only when you use them.

Cloud-A cloud servers provide powerful, elastic & scalable compute resources all managed from an easy-to-use web-based dashboard, Our cloud servers provide the power and flexibility to handle virtually any workflows, providing to spin up resources to handle bigger jobs faster, and scale down when when demand for compute is less.

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Private by Default

When your account is created, you’re automatically generated a basic, sane & secure, Private Network. All of your network traffic travels through your own Private Network, and you aren’t forced to share your tubes with anyone.

Feature Rich

Cloud-A’s VPC Networking infrastructure allows you to manage every piece of your private network; from Routers and Subnets to Security Groups, and DHCP Agents to Load Balancers — It’s all available and ready to scale out instantly.

Separate & Secure

You are provided with encrypted & encapsulated routing that no other users, or even your own routers, can access without explicitly connecting them. With VPC, even internet connectivity is optional; VPN or internal traffic only if you choose.

Easy to Configure

Using the Network Overview dashboard, you gain a high level picture of even the most complicated network configurations to help you architect or troubleshoot network connectivity with ease.

VPC Overview: Virtual Private Cloud Networking Overview Cloud-A’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Networking allows you to create on demand virtual network appliances for your entire stack within our public cloud environment. This allows for complete isolation from all other customer data using the infrastructure. The isolation between private networks is provided through encrypted traffic tunnels per tenant, and completely private IP subnets.

Standard with all VMs: VPC marries your traditional public infrastructure with virtually private networking to deliver complete environmental control, without all the metal. Best of all, the basic Cloud-A Private Network functionality comes pre-bundled with your account.

Load Balancing-as-a-Service: Cloud-A’s VPC Load Balancers are able to manage online traffic by spreading traffic across multiple servers. Load Balancers can help optimize your workload performance and prevent overload to enable you build a robust and performant system for your users.

SSD Block Storage (Volumes)

Lightning Fast SSDs

Our SSD volumes provide industry leading IOPS, exceeding the performance of global Cloud leaders.

Instantly Scalable

Create, attach, snapshot, detach volumes to any of your cloud servers to provide instantly storage scalability

Persistent and Portable

You own your data. Delete a server and attach its storage volume to another cloud server.

Volumes Overview: Our Volume storage provides on-demand, self service access to Block Storage resources, allowing you to scale up or down lightning fast, SSD backed storage on-demand, directly attached to your cloud servers.

How they work: This software defined storage service virtualizes pools of block storage devices and provides Cloud-A users with a powerful API to request and consume those storage resources, making them perfectly ready for automation and scaling.


Bulk Storage (Object Storage)

Quickly Integrate

The power of Bulk Storage lies in it’s flexibility. Enabling server backups, media storage, desktop cloud sync, high traffic downloads and whatever else you cook up.

Reliable as FSCK

Your files are triplicated across nodes in the cluster! Not only is this extra-reliable, but makes access faster as well.

Reliable as FSCK

You can scale your requirements “to the moon!”, and we can support you. Our massive swift cluster is waiting to gobble up your data, whether it’s in the GBs or TBs.

Simple and Scalable Cloud Storage: Simple and Scalable Cloud Storage Bulk Storage provides you with a near-limitless object storage service for unstructured data. Upload files and multimedia, then serve them to your customers. As many as you like and as large as you wish, priced simply.

API Accessible: We maintain 100% OpenStack Swift compatible APIs, so you can use any OpenStack Swift compatible tools with our Bulk Storage service. Interfacing with the API gives you the greatest control over your data.

Secure by Default: All of your container data is locked down, and you can explicitly control what data is public, as well as generate temporary (expiring) URLs, enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing to securely serve content, and create secure upload forms to give your users the ability to upload directly to Bulk Storage.

Third Part Tool Support: You can use a number of tools to connect your computer directly to Bulk Storage to upload or manage files from your local system for backups, disaster recovery, data archival and Big Data Repositories.

blkstr.ca Content Delivery Network

No Place Like

Data is cached at multiple POPs across the world, and traffic is automatically directed to the closest one. Bringing your data closer reduces network latency, making your content available faster!

Easy as 1 ...

As easy as clicking your mouse. You can then start accessing your data through blkstr.ca, our CDN specific domain name to integrate with existing plugins or your application.

Flexin' Big Pipes

By leveraging CDN you increase your effective bandwidth capacity by over 1000% over direct access to the Bulk Storage cluster.

A Living Network

It's aliiiive! Our next-gen CDN technology continuously expands or contracts across the world to scale and deliver the highest quality service.

Our Cloud CDN technology was built from the ground up to deliver your content most efficiently from anywhere. Bulk Storage content served through the blkstr.ca network is propogated intelligently to edge nodes for blazing fast downloads of media, large static files, or dynamic content.

Dynamic Traffic Direction: Incoming requests for your static files are analyzed and routed to the nearest physical CDN point of presence. Leveraging a network of partners, we are already across the globe, and we can accomodate requirements to deliver local CDN nodes for unprecidented enterprise speed and integration.

Zero Configuration: Integrated directly into our storage platform, there is zero additional configuration beyond simply toggling on access to your container contents. Create, update, and delete content per your normal workflow using the tools you're already used to using.

Easy for Developers: Direct integration or plugins exist for frameworks such as Wordpress, Drupal, Django, and Ruby on Rails (to name a few) to handle remote object / file storage. It's as easy as copying and pasting your blkstr.ca CDN url, and you hit the ground running.

Check out the documentation for full details on using CDN today.