Our Data Centres

SOC General:

  • Tier III Design Certified, SOC 2 certified data centre facilities, comprehensively designed for maximum reliability and uptime
  • Abundant power, immediately available on demand and for growth
  • Physically segregated power and cooling systems
  • Multiple upstream data and internet connections to Tier 1 carriers and providers
  • UPS, switchgear, control systems, and multiple backup diesel generators
  • Extended on-site fuel storage (72 hours+)
  • Complete physical security: perimeter alarms, biometric authentication, video surveillance
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring from dual Network Operations Centres


  • 2N In-line UPS system
  • High-capacity Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • 3 phase 120-208 V PDUs


  • 2N redundancy
  • Modern, energy efficient cooling

Fire Suppression:

  • Rapid detection using multiple sensors
  • FM-200 inert gas systems
  • Floor leak and heat detectors


  • TIA 942 Tier III design
  • CCTV monitoring & historical 30 day+ records


  • Must be carrier neutral
  • Established record of peering with multiple high quality partners
  • Have the ability to deliver 10+ Gigabit of excess capacity available on demand


  • 24X7 monitoring
  • On-site technical and logistical support
  • Proven experience with proactive management of network security (DDoS protection)

A Unique & Creative Partnering Model

We deliver our product by way of our network of carefully chosen data centre (DC) partners. Many of our partners have been in the traditional IT services business for many years. In some cases they have small but very capable co-location facilities. We offer a unique partnering model that creates true mutual benefit for partners who meet  the high standards for power, space, access, security and support. We offer several different engagement models for our DC partners depending on the size, maturity, and interest in offering next generation cloud products to their customers in parallel to virtualization offerings.  If you operate a data centre that meets this criteria and would be interested in partnering with us please feel free to contact us.

Our Global Network

Cloud-A operates on the highest performing and most comprehensive direct fibre network offered by any Canadian Public Cloud provider.

Our Halifax network features dedicated fibre between our primary data centre facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia and the Toronto Internet Exchange in Toronto, Ontario, allowing us to peer with all of the major Internet players in Canada including Telus, Rogers, Bell, Allstream, Google, TekSavvy, Akamai, Microsoft, and Net Access. Leveraging Hibernia Networks’ high capacity, low latency trans-atlantic fibre network, Cloud-A also has a direct connection to the UK, the Caribbean, and New York.

Cloud-A's Vancouver network includes peering with many of the top Tier-1 providers around the world, including Hurricane Electric and Cogent. Our racks are located in the same facility as the Vancouver Internet Exchange, giving us the ability to provide low-latency connectivity to nearly anywhere on the west coast of North America, as well as many of the major  providers that we have available via the Toronto Internet Exchange.