When you choose Cloud-A, you choose 100% Canadian!

We are committed to providing a solution to Canadian organizations looking to store private data locally here in Canada. 100% of the infrastructure and servers we operate and manage reside here in Canada.  Our company is owned entirely by Canadian shareholders and we are only subject to Canadian privacy legislation.

As a result we have end to end visibility and control that the cloud computing resources we provide have always are entirely resident in Canada. This is especially relevant to our customers who have policies with requirements within laws such as Canadian PIPEDA or are concerned about the US Patriot Act. In the US (or for US companies doing business outside of the US), the US Patriot Act permits government and law enforcement agencies the ability to search data retained by service providers. The Canadian and Provincial privacy laws (including PIPEDA) are in conflict with the US Patriot Act, and Canadian companies looking to store private data in the US would be subject to adherence.

We are not required to disclose any information about your data without your consent. Under no circumstances will we share or use our customers data other than ordered to do so by court order (Canadian court / law only). We are not under any requirement to refute (as much as the law allows) the disclosure of information without our customers complete consent.  In the event of an audit, we are fully committed to full disclosure and will not deal with any regulators without the consent or participation of our customers. We meet all the regulations of Canadian legislation with respect to data classification.

If you move to another service provider or terminate the service we have a strict policy & procedure to ensure that any data you were storing with us is thoroughly removed in a secure way. Within 24 hours of official notification all data related to every product is systematically removed and then verified by an internal audit process.

We understand that while most of these controls focus on personal information, it is important to note that our customers need to ensure we have the same provisions in mind when building systems to protect our clients data that often falls outside the legislation. While business critical information such as financial data, business plans and patents are not classified as personal data under PIPEDA, these are just as important as your customer information and need to be considered in the same context.

Our Data Sovereignty Promise

When utilizing cloud services, one of the most often asked questions is “Where is my data?” Many cloud hosting providers find it difficult to answer this question, but not Cloud-A. Our data centres are built to accommodate data sovereignty and can guarantee you that your data is exactly where you designate, at all times.

Many industry and governmental security and data protection regulations and laws include specific requirements regarding where data can and must be kept. Cloud-A’s secure cloud architecture was developed specifically to allow our customers to meet these stringent requirements. It works like this:

  • Each secure cloud hosting environment includes a dedicated, high performance distributed file storage network (DFSN)
  • Each DFSN contains both production and dedicated backup storage components
  • Production data for all customer servers is stored on a high performance production storage solution and all customer data stays in the same location as the servers
  • Nightly, volume based backups are written to a dedicated backup storage array that is on a DFSN in the same geographic location as the production system

Cloud-A does not move customer servers or data between its secure cloud environments, ensuring that data stored in one location stays in that location at all times. Cloud-A offers business continuity solutions that include replication of data to other secure cloud environments, but this process is completely controlled by you, allowing you to always know where your data resides.