It isn’t always clear skies in the cloud, which is why we’ve partnered with Lyrical Security, a global leader in the security space who specializes in cloud security, to keep you dry when there is a storm a-brewin’.

Lyrical has developed a suite of managed security services to help our users protect their virtual environments. These services are custom built for Cloud-A infrastructure, based on user feedback and common use cases that we have identified such as scale-out web applications, Big Data deployments, legacy application environments and more..


Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is a security risk intelligence solution that proactively supports the entire vulnerability management lifecycle, including discovery, detection, verification, risk classification, impact analysis, reporting and mitigation. Designed specifically for Cloud-A's virtual networks requiring the highest levels of scalability and performance, VMS helps Cloud-A users effectively improve their risk posture.

Vulnerability Scanning

Web or legacy app scans to identify potential threats to your client data

Penetration Testing

Asset discovery and web crawler scans of targeted and connected systems as well as manual attempts to exploit vulnerabilities.

Comprehensive Reporting

A ranked report of vulnerabilities, a remediation advisory and plan and an ASV scanning attestation (technical, management and PCI-SSC).

Remediation Support

Management of ticketing and case tracking for critical vulnerabilities including scheduled reviews and progress updates.

Ensure compliance with policies, auditing guidelines and regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, NERC and FISMA. Improve strategic decision making with real world risk intelligence that incorporates comprehensive data on Malware and Exploit Exposure, CVSS, temporal and weighted risk scores. Develop best practices for risk mitigation strategies with advanced risk analytics that allow for customized risk scores and dynamic risk trending Eliminate risk faster through streamlined step-by- step remediation reports and task delegation. Automate all steps in your vulnerability management lifecycle from discovery to prioritization and issue resolution.


Scan databases, web applications, and network devices across your virtual environments over IPv4 and IPv6 networks to ensure you know about all of your vulnerabilities.


Utilize continuous discovery of your virtual cloud assets along with integrated information on Malware and Exploit exposure, Cloud-A VMS, powered by Lyrical Security provides insight into your most significant risks


Scans can uncover thousands of vulnerabilities; with real world risk scoring and 150+ vulnerability filters, Cloud-A VMS, powered by Lyrical Security effectively prioritizes your remediation efforts.


Verify that vulnerabilities have been remediated With baseline comparison reporting, your security teams can verify that remediation efforts have been successful, reducing duplicate efforts and enabling more effective risk reduction.


Based in Toronto, Canada, Lyrical Security combines industry expertise with innovative technology to help organizations address their most critical security needs. Lyrical helps organizations attain visibility into security controls, attack surface and posture, using leading edge tools, trusted methods, and proprietary and open-source software. Lyrical helps their clients understand their environment's footprint, secure them, and keep them secure in an ongoing way.

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