Scalable on Demand

You can scale your requirements “to the moon!”, and we can support you. Our massive swift cluster is waiting to gobble up your data, whether it’s in the GBs or TBs.

Reliable as Fsck

Your files are triplicated across nodes in the cluster! Not only is this extra-reliable, but makes access faster as well.

Easy Pricing

Leave your calculator and guess work behind. Simple, competitive pricing to give you the best bang for buck paying for exactly what you use, when you use it. $0.075/GB/mo.

Quickly Integrate

The power of Bulk Storage lies in it’s flexibility. Enabling server backups, media storage, desktop cloud sync, high traffic downloads and whatever else you cook up.

Simple and Scalable Cloud Storage

Bulk Storage provides you with a near-limitless object storage service for any type of data. Upload files and multimedia, then serve them to your customers. As many as you like and as large as you wish, priced simply.

Powered by OpenStack Swift

Built on open standards, and backed by thousands of developers around the world. Bulk Storage can be your cloud storage go-to. Enabling backups & archives, streaming multimedia, and storage backends for web applications.

Dashboard Integration

Quickly browse and manage all of your containers and files right from your Cloud-A dashboard. You can upload, copy, move and delete all of your files from the easy-to-use integration in dash.

Full Service APIs

We maintain 100% swift compatible APIs, so you can use any OpenStack Swift compatible tools with our Bulk Storage service. Interfacing with the API gives you the greatest control over your data. Official Swift API Documentation.

Secure by Default

All of your container data is locked down, and you can explicitly control what data is public, as well as generate temporary (expiring) URLs, enable Cross Origin Resource Sharing to securely serve content, and create secure upload forms to give your users the ability to upload directly to Bulk Storage.

Handles Massive Files

You can upload very large files, like 4K HD videos, disk images, or backup archives, in multiple pieces efficiently and have them downloaded / served as a single file using an Object Manifest to glue the data back together.

Third Party Tool Support

You can use a number of tools to connect your computer directly to Bulk Storage to upload or manage files from your local system. We have tested and recommend Expandrive and CloudBerry for easy access.

Connecting Directly to Bulk Storage

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for OpenStack

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for OpenStack

CloudBerry Drive Desktop for OpenStack is an application that allows users map OpenStack account as a local disk. CloudBerry OpenStack Cloud Drive comes with an easy installation and configuration process that seamlessly integrates cloud storage drive with the Windows environment.

CloudBerry Backup for OpenStack

CloudBerry Backup for OpenStackCloudBerry Backup for OpenStack is a Windows program that automates encrypted and compressed data cloud backup. It comes with a user-friendly interface allowing data backup or restoration in a few simple steps.

CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStack

CloudBerry Explorer for OpenStackCloudBerry Explorer is a freeware file manager for OpenStack. It provides a user interface to OpenStack accounts and files and allowing you to browse, create and delete files and containers.

What can you do with Bulk Storage?

Backups and Archived Data

Tapes, disks, and storage pools, oh my. Moving your backups and archives to Bulk Storage can make your backups more robust, and more quickly accessible. Not only does it cost less, because you can grow as you need, but using Bulk Storage for your archives enables your data to be made available to other applications, devices and users to access in real time.

A massive array of backup solutions and applications support our APIs, built on Swift so you can simply point the backup destination to Bulk Storage.

Check our documentation on configuring a backup agent.

Application Data Storage

Your application is built to be accessed anywhere around the world, at any time — and your users are producing and consuming more multimedia data than ever. Bulk Storage’s fully multi-tenant cloud object storage gives you locked down control of your application data.

Our APIs are integrated with our centralized authentication system so that your data is completely secure, and only accessible to those who have the necessary credentials. By flipping the ACL on a bucket to public, you can directly serve static assets as well!

You can safely restrict application access on a per-container basis using Container API Keys for full or read-only access. Read our blog for more information on how to use them.

New to Swift? Check our documentation on getting started with the CLI tools.